Welcome to McCool’s Pub & Grill

McCool’s Pub and Grill is a family friendly neighborhood gathering place located at 12066 SE Sunnyside Road in Clackamas, OR 97015. We feature a delicious menu, a huge liquor selection, Oregon Lottery, and great happy hour specials. We have both a smoke free dining room and a smoking friendly patio. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The owners and resident publicans are available daily to answer questions and to field requests.

History of Finn McCool


Finn McCool was the greatest leader of the Fianna, the military elite of ancient Ireland. Responsible for guarding the High King. The Fianna were founded in 300 B.C. by the High King Fiachadh (Fee-a-Kuh). Finn McCool lived during the second century some 250 years before St. Patrick and Christianity found their way to Ireland. Until Finn McCool implemented a code of honor among them, the Fianna were an unruly band. Finn challenged the Fianna to become champions of the people; to make of themselves models of chivalry and justice. The tales of the Fianna are argued to be the basis of the legends of the Knights of the round Table.

Finn’s father, Cumhail engaged Urgriu in battle for the position of Chieftain of the Fianna. Cumhail was wounded and his attacker carried off his pouch of magical objects. Lacking his pouch, Cumhail was slain by a member of the Morna clan, who beheaded him, as was the custom of the ancient Celts. Slain, Cumhail left behind a pregnant Muirne who gave birth to a fair haired boy. Fearing for her son’s life at the hands of Clan Morna, she sent him to the forest to be raised by Bodhmal the Oruidess and her sister, the warrior Liath Luachra. Reared by these strong, wise women and tutored by the Oruid Finegas as well, Finn grew to become a fierce earrior skilled at weaponry and fighting, as well as at the healing and magical arts. Finn’s constant companions were two Irish Wolfhounds; Bran and Sceoland. Unable to reveal his name lest clan Morna discover him, he became known as “Fionn”, meaning “fair haired”.

The druid Finegas caught the Salmon of Knowledge and gave it to Finn to cook. Finn burnt himself while doing so and sucked his thumb, thus acquiring the gift of prophecy, which he used to ensure his survival, bring peace to his homeland and inspire the Fianna to greatness. The Salmon of Knowledge, if it swam too deep into the water would be chased by the Oobhar Cu, or Oark Otter. The Salmon and the Oark Otter were eternally engaged in this chase, representing the Celtic Yin and Yang; the Salmon representing the Yang or principle of light, and the Oark Otter representing the Yin or principle of darkness.